Music: 30 Years Later - An Akira Tribute

A quiet evening a few weeks ago, I was sat on my own browsing Youtube and needing to hear someone else discuss their pure love for AKIRA. When I suddenly came across this wonderful channel known as Beyond Ghibli hosted by the incredibly knowledgeable Joe O'Connell.
If like me you're an avid fan of anime then I insist you check out Joe's channel. His videos are highly informative, with some great production values.

While browsing Beyond Ghibli I came across a video titled "AKIRA & the Masochism of Katsuhiro Otomo" which you can watch below.

As mentioned, Joe's knowledge on the subject of AKIRA is top class. But one thing really stood out and that was the soundtrack. Having a rather eclectic taste in music myself the sound really piqued my interest. Thankfully Joe mentioned where it came from and ever since I have listened to NOTHING else (it's playing in my ears as I type).

SYNTHSPIRIA: 30 Years Later - An Akira Tribute

The Synthspiria collective has created what I can only describe as an extraordinary tribute to the never ageing movie that is AKIRA. Filled with beautiful 80's synth vibes and perfectly sampled snippets, while still fitting into the Neo-Tokyo essence of what is Otomo's masterpiece.

Opening with "The Singularity" by Wolf Arm and "Mechanized Dystopia" by Speed Machine you are instantly taken back to when you first watched AKIRA. "Ride or Die" by Earslicker really hits home the now legendary Bosozuko biker gang chase scene, with the addition of futurtistic motor-cycle samples.

It's difficult to pick out any personal favourites because each track is phenomenal. Once you get to "The Espers" by Fixions there is no turning back, believe me.

This album is relentless in its love for AKIRA and is a guaranteed must-have for any fan of the movie. You to can own this outstanding album which is available to buy over at Bandcamp for the stupidly low price of $1 or more! I suggest you pay more than the $1 as everyone behind this album deserves massive praise. IT'S A MASTERPIECE! (listen below).

Verdict: 5 warm Sakes out of 5

Links to Synthspiria and Beyond Ghibli below:
Beyond Ghibli

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